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Organic CBD Pet Oil

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Enhance your pet’s wellness with the purest touch of nature. Our Organic CBD Pet Oil, uniquely crafted for both dogs and cats, is your companion’s gateway to a soothing, more balanced lifestyle. Sourced from organically grown CBD hemp plants in the lush fields of the United States, this product is designed with your pet's health and happiness in mind.
  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil
  • Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Organic Hemp Plant
Lab Test Results

Each and every batch of Woosah Organic CBD Hemp Oil is lab tested to ensure quality.

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Does this get animals 'high'?

No, this is a non-psychoactive extract. It’s lab tested to only contain the cannabinoid responsible for healing and wellness.

How much do I give?

Generally, dogs and cats need far less than humans. Start with 1-5mg per 10lbs.

    Organic CBD Pet Oil
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    We Test Every Batch

    To ensure quality and safety, we send every batch to be lab tested. Click the button below to view the full lab test report.

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    Can I just give my dog or cat human CBD?

    Never give your pets human grade CBD. Dogs and cats need far less of the active ingredient and are specially formulated for pet use.

    How will my dog or cat feel?

    This product contains none of the psychoactive THC, which is found in higher concentrations. This product won’t make them feel confused or high. It can make animals calmer, support healthy sleep habits and help with pain relief.

    Does this work immediately?

    Generally, most animals will see a difference within the first couple days of use. CBD does take time to build up in the animal’s body, so planning a 30 day trial is best.

    Can this calm an anxious animal?

    Some studies suggest it can help dogs and cats manage stress signals and make it easier for them to calm down. It’s been used by professionals for thunderstorms, fireworks and separation anxiety.

    How often should I dose them?

    Most pet parents start with a daily dose over 30 days and watch for results. From there, you can decide if they may need more or less. Just like humans, all animals are different.

    Can this help older dogs or cats?

    There’s too many benefits to mention when it comes to elderly pets! Just like us, as they get older their knees, back and shoulders struggle with inflammation. They can really benefit from the sleep support and an increased appetite.