What is Woosah?

Experience rapid results or enjoy a full refund. Find peace and balance, enhancing your life by addressing underlying problems and battling tension.

Our patented Cold-Press process guarantees unmatched potency and bioavailability, positioning us as the sole provider of cold-pressed CBD hemp oil free from solvents, alcohol, MCT oils, additives, or preservatives in the marketplace.


  • Certified Organic

  • Every Batch Tested For Quality

  • Cold-Pressed, Pure, Unchanged

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Organic Hemp CBD Oil

Experience relief from persistent discomfort, mild anxiety, or sleep issues with Woosah Hemp CBD — an exceptional choice for enhanced well-being. These tinctures, made with only organic full-spectrum hemp plant, organic pumpkin seed oil, and organic hemp seed oil, undergo stringent tested to ensure maximum potency.

Feel the difference as you achieve relief. But don't just take our word for it; the consistent feedback speaks volumes: This product truly makes a difference.

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Organic Pet CBD Oil

Enhance your pet’s wellness with the purest touch of nature. Our Organic CBD Pet Oil, uniquely crafted for both dogs and cats, is your companion’s gateway to a soothing, more balanced lifestyle.

Sourced from organically grown CBD hemp plants in the lush fields of the United States, this product is designed with your pet's health and happiness in mind.


Cold Pressed

Organic Hemp Seed Oil

The purest cold-pressed Hemp Oil in the market. Andreas Hemp oil is pressed without the use of any chemicals, solvents, MCT oil and It is free from heavy metals and pesticides.

It has a very healthy 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. In the modern diet, the ratio of Omega 6 to 3 can be as distorted as 20:1 (trans fats and processed vegetable fats being to blame for this). Views vary, but most agree that the ratio should be between 5:1 and 3:1.