Can Stress Predict Heart Disease?

Can Stress Predict Heart Disease?

Scientists in the Netherlands think so. They've found that stress hormones in hair samples might show who is more likely to get heart disease. (1)

This isn't too surprising since many of us live stressful lives, eat fatty and salty foods, and enjoy high-cholesterol treats like cheeseburgers.

Even if your life isn't super stressful, other things can still cause high cortisol (stress hormone) levels, even in young people.

High cortisol is linked to high blood pressure, obesity, and high blood sugar, which all increase the chance of heart disease or stroke.

The good news? Studies show that regularly using natural oils like this one can help reduce these risks.

Here’s why:

  • It's shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. (2)
  • It may reduce blood pressure. (3)
  • It can help reduce irregular heartbeats. (4)


Why not give it a try?

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